The puppeteer and creator behind NL NOW is Jake Thompson. Jake has been a Muppet fan since the age of 2. Jake started  NL NOW at the age of eleven as a YouTube channel in March of 2016 and in just under a year has turned it into a TV show on Rogers TV.

Special Thanks to all the crew past and present at Rogers TV for all their support.

A big Thank You to everyone at Escape Quest for making Season 3 possible!

Thanks to Cohen's for our interview chairs you see on the show.

Thanks to Bobbi Pike Art for the artwork you see behind the interview desk.

Thanks to The False Myths for our opening theme music.

Thanks to Steven Barkley from Diabolo Puppets for making some of the puppets for the show

Thanks to NL Classifieds for all their help we are glad to have them on board.

Head on down to Benoli Childrens Boutique for your very own NL NOW T-Shirt

Shout out to Your Dolls Closet for making Gary's tux you see him wearing some times on the show!

Thank you to all family, friends, and fans!!

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